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GNU stow


I hope no-one minds that I've gone ahead and dome this without asking
first...  I've packaged GNU stow 1.3.2.  This may not sound useful, it
being another package management system, but I find it pretty useful to
manage my /usr/local directory, so there it is.

It's at <URL:ftp://pcsw104b.ukc.ac.uk/pub/cpb4/>, and I will upload it
as and when.  Incidentally, there's a package there called 'curses',
and I just realised it might get confused with the UNIX curses (which
it has nothing to do with).  I will rename it.

Finally, I'm looking at GSPreview (similar to ghostview) and UPS (the
graphical debugger) with a view to packaging them.  Anyone else working
on these already?

--Charles Briscoe-Smith
White pages entry, with PGP key: <URL:http://alethea.ukc.ac.uk/wp?95cpb4>
PGP public keyprint: 74 68 AB 2E 1C 60 22 94  B8 21 2D 01 DE 66 13 E2

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