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Re: Debian target audience

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Alex Yukhimets:
> Debian is the effort of a large number of developers and primararily
> *for* developers.

I disagree. I think Debian is for anyone who wants a good Linux
system, and who doesn't need much non-free software.

> 4) It is preferable for everyone to have only one runtime library (either
> libc5 or libc6). Having applications using both does eat up memory and
> slow down system.

Not enough to be worth much worry. It was somewhat noticeable during
the switch from a.out to ELF, and then computers had much less physical

> (that's why we are having deadlines for converting
> libc5 packages in hamm )

We're converting everything to libc6 because then we
will have fewer problems and it will be easier to maintain
packages. Supporting two major versions of libc is not a good
thing, if the project needs to do it.

> I hope you agree that situation is not acceptable.

I don't agree that having both libc5 and libc6 run-time libraries
in use at the same time is important enough to burden ourselves
with duplicate packages.

I don't mind if someone maintains separate libc5 packages, but it
should not be the project.

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