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Gone for a week

I'm going to be away from my computer for approximately a week, while I travel
to Vancouver and Nanaimo (B.C., Canada) on business.  I probably won't be
able to fetch my mail.

Unfortunately, I slipped behind schedule for a few things - so I won't be
uploading the "experimental" version of dwww today, as I promised.

Also, I haven't had time to do the Debian 1.3 Release FAQ - does anyone else
want to take that over?  If not, I'll pick it up again when I get back next

Also, if new clients for the des-solnet package come out - please feel free
to package them up (so we don't fall out of 1st place).

If anybody really, really wants to talk to me - just call my pager number
(listed on my home page).


 - Jim

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