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Koules now only for X?????

How and why when and Where?

Why is Koules only available for X???  I *loved* the variety of console
games that came with Debian.  Now one by one they are being X'ised from
the distribution =(

Koules, Maelstrom, Abuse.... I can understand Abuse (altho that should be
available for the console again soon), but come on guys,  why Koules and

I only have a lowly 14" monitor, and video card with 1 meg of ram, and its
a 486.  To enjoy these games, I need the console version.  X just doesnt
cut it on my old machine.  Please?  Why the change?  I am appealing to
you, dont make me use X for my gaming.  It doesnt work, and just makes me

Don Dibos


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