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Re: Anyone using transparent proxying?

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Michael Meskes wrote:

> The title almost says it all. I just upgraded to pre-patch-2.0.31-2, but it
> seems transparent proxying still doesn't work. My first rule says:
> acc/r tcp  anywhere             anywhere             any -> www => tproxy
> but still tproxy does not get the connection. I tried to trace it but it
> appears the connection is not switched to port 81 at all.

I had transparent proxying working with a Custom build of 2.0.27 if that
is any help.

I used:

ipfwadm -I -f
ipfwadm -I -p accept
ipfwadm -I -a accept -S -D
ipfwadm -I -a accept -r 9000 -S -D -P tcp

Which routed all connections to port 9000 which was running my custom RA
tunnel program. I'm not sure both of the last lines are required though.

Since I don't use it anymore haven't tried it on any newer kernels.


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