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Re: libc6 policy in unstable

> That's why we have the altgcc and the altdev packages.  You'll still
> be able to compile libc5 programs by just putting
> /usr/i486-linuxlibc1/bin first in your path.

Just a note to one thing where this doesn't work: Some programs use
-I/usr/include/bsd on the command line to get BSD behaviour for
certain stuff, e.g. signal handling. But that directory doesn't exist
anymore if libc6-dev is installed. This is no problem with libc6
itself, since BSD signals are default there, but SysV semantics are
default for libc5. If you now compile such a program with
i486-linuxlibc1-gcc, no headers in /usr/include/bsd are found (they're
in /usr/i486-linuxlibc1/include/bsd ...) and you get the wrong signal

Just a note, but already happened ... :-)


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