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Re: Bug#10258: dunc: dunc should depend on ed

This bug has been fixed in version 2.1, which has been uploaded
to master.

This is my first dealing with the bug system and I'm not sure why
submit@bugs and debian-bugs-dist are in the CC.  The docs on the
web site don't mention those addresses, so I left them in
assuming the docs are out of date. If they should be stripped
out, please let me know.


On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, Mark Purcell wrote:

> Package: dunc
> Version: 2.0
> Dunc should depend on ed as it requires it for correct operation.
> Mark
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: 1.3
> Kernel Version: Linux ast 2.0.27 #1 Fri Jan 10 23:46:22 MET 1997 i586 unknown
> Versions of the packages dunc depends on:
> ae	Version: 962-14
> ash	Version: 0.2-1
> dialog	Version: 0.9a-8
> shellutils	Version: 1.16-3
> ppp	Version: 2.2.0f-24
> gzip	Version: 1.2.4-15
> findutils	Version: 4.1-22

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