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Re: Debian's "Modify & Redistribute" Policy

bcwhite@verisim.com (Brian White)  wrote on 05.06.97 in <3396D762.5EC454E@verisim.com>:

> I can understand Debian making policy that none of the core system will
> depend on such packages, but I don't see any advantage to simply disallowing
> such copyrights from the main distribution.

With respect to copyrights, the core system is the same as the main  

WRT copyrights, we have four areas:

  Completely free stuff, main distribution
  Stuff that has problems with distributions, non-free
  Stuff that's not completely free, but has no distribution problems,       
  Stuff that we cannot distribute, nowhere

And I think adding more distinctions would be very unwise.

MfG Kai

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