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Re: deleting binary soft link on ftp sites

sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca writes:

> In anticipation of Debian being released (publically)for platforms
> other than ix86 it would be a good idea to phase out the use of
> the binary -> binary-i386 link on the ftp sites as this could
> cause confusion. Is there anything that actually uses this link?

I don't know about *things* that use the link, but *I* certainly do.
It saves me keystrokes.  Nearly every time I visit an ftp site, I type
"bo/binary/something", and when I use a CDROM image of the site, I can
type "bo/b[tab]/something".  Most Debian users have i386 architecture
machines, and I have always figured that was the why the link was
there in the first place.  I would like to see it stay.

                                     - Jim Van Zandt

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