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Re: Debian's "Modify & Redistribute" Policy (was: the ncurses "brushfire")

Brian White wrote:
> I agree with you on this.  I personally believe that Debian should relax
> this requirement about non-modifiable & redistributable code not being
> suitable for the primary distribution.  I've never seen how it helps any
> cause other than sticking a finger in the eye of those who might like
> to keep some medium of control over their work.

We do allow software licenses that require derived works to have a different
name.  I believe that adding that restriction to the ncurses license might
allow Eric to retain control over the "ncurses" brand name, and still
qualify for Debian's "Free" stamp of approval.  

Any derived works (like that ncurses 4.0 stuff) would have to be renamed,
if they want to use the ncurses 3.0 code.  That way, there's no
confusion - and Eric's toes don't get trampled.

But we should stick with the requirement for having all the code in the
core distribution being modifiable.  (that's the #1 reason I use and
develop for Debian)


 - Jim

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