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Re: dpkg verify mode for security?

  Amos> Or an audit-trail of invocations of dpkg (e.g. "adduser 3.1-2
  Amos> installed and configured successfully on Wed May 29 1997 00:00:23,
  Amos> replaced adduser-3.1-0")

  Darren>  I asked for this a while back and was told that not very many
  Darren> people wanted it.  I still think it would be a useful feature...

That exists (almost as it doesn't log the version number of the replaced

Use the dpkg-mountable package (and dpkg method) and you will have logs:

edd@miles:~> zgrep perl /var/log/dpkg-mountable.?.gz
/var/log/dpkg-mountable.2.gz:Package perl-tk has no filename, skipping.
/var/log/dpkg-mountable.2.gz:Installing package libwww-perl version 5.07-1 from /mirror/debian/frozen/binary-i386/interpreters/libwww-perl_5.07-1.deb
/var/log/dpkg-mountable.2.gz:Unpacking libwww-perl (from .../libwww-perl_5.07-1.deb) ...
/var/log/dpkg-mountable.2.gz:Setting up libwww-perl (5.07-1) ...    

     Sorry for the delay in replying to your email, but I was Europe for
	six days last week and am currently moving into a new place.

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