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Re: dcfgtool and clones

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Further discussion should probably continue in debian-admintool, but
I'm not posting to that list, since I'm not on it.

Craig Sanders:
> This is not only simple to implement, but it is also simple to
> parse...

Not quite so simple. If you need to allow all characters in the
values, which requires using escapes and stuff, and consequently
also makes it more difficult to parse. The /bin/sh syntax is
inadequate (the rules are way too complicated).

Making it a requirement for the files to be parsable by the `.'
(source) command in /bin/sh is a bad idea. If nothing else, it
makes it complicated to have multiple locations for the data,
and to change the locations. You want multiple locations, so that
you can have a master database, shared by all nodes in a network,
with local modifications overriding the master, as necessary.

Having shell scripts run a `cfgtool' -like program is a much
better idea. My implementation would work, mostly, but if another
is used, I don't mind.

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