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Re: Using CVS for package development


	I have had a very quick look at the aegis README. It has a
 baseline (main trunk in CVS; no mention of multiple independent
 branches and back merging that I could see). It implements a per
 change test rquirement (thought: what tests? that the package build?
 could be done with a commitinfo script in CVS).

	For the most part it fits in the same niche as CVS. I just
 wonder how easy is it to come up with regression tests for changes
 that are made, and whether they will be valid at the next change. 

	Seems more, umm, restrictive than CVS, but I should really
 download the source to see. 

	I can see why management will prefer this system over CVS (any
 manager would love to put the accumulated regression tests on a

	I'm leaving for the weekend, but I'll take a closer look when
 I get back next week.

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