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Re: XFree86-3.3 Release Date and Features?

On May 26, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> Auf dem Linux-Kongress meintest du, dass es fuer Debian sinnvoll
> waere, auf XFree86-3.3 zu warten.
> Ich habe mal etwas rumgefragt; man scheint von der Idee nicht
> besonders begeistert zu sein.

IMHO it would be very pitty not to use XFree86 3.3...

> Insbesondere fehlen harte Fakten; die FAQ
> (http://www.xfree86.org/FAQ/index.html) sagt nichts ueber ein
> eventuell erscheinendes XFree86-3.3.

the FAQs are for end users mostly.  for developers and internal information
there is our internal mailing-list for subscribed developers (ask BOD@XFree86.org
for application form...).

> Kannst du bitte mal an debian-devel@lists.debian.org (die
> Mailing-Liste fuer Debian-Entwicklung, englischsprachig) schreiben,
> - welche Eigenschaften von 3.3 dafuer sprechen, darauf zu warten

most important:  security fixes;  more buffer overruns than in X11R6.3 aka XFree86 3.2A
(the most recent one still have to be reported to CERT by TOG I guess).

then much more testing and bug fixing, more support for recent popular chips
(S3 Trio and ViRGE /DX and /GX,  and most important Matrox Mystique)

> - welche Probleme zu erwarten sind / auftreten koennen

no idea.  burning your house, exploding your car ?
all known bugs have been fixed (or documented;), so it's much more stable
and complete than 3.2 or 3.2A  (and the last week(s) a lot of testing 
and bug fixing has been done)

> - in welchem Zeitraum mit der Verfuegbarkeit von 3.3 zu rechnen ist

code freeze is this night  (feature freeze was much earlier), so we hope to be out 
before June 1st.  but as you know it's still not annouced so we might be able to shift
if necessary (no known reason yet and I don't think so,  but June 1st isn't 
carved into stone yet just in case you'd like to sue me if we don't make it
on sunday;)

> - ob es moeglich ist, die Quellen zu Testzwecken schon vor der
>   offiziellen Release zu erhalten

sure, that's exactly what our beta/developer application is good for!

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