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Re: star documentation?

On 29 Apr 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> > 
> > I was trying to build a 1.1.13 test bench and do it quickly, so rather
> > than making the base disks I just put the base1_1.tgz file on a partition
> > I could get to and copied it over the the target partition. When I went to
> > untar it I discovered that the only tool for that job was star, about
> > which I know absolutely nothing. Will star do the job, and where do I find
> > docs on this program?
> $ star --help
> Usage:  star
>         Extracts a tar archive from the standard input.
I finally figured that part out, by trial and error. The confusion was
that I needed to gunzip the file first.

> $
> That's all ...
> > P.S. Thanks to "Drop in Debian"(tm) I was able to untar the file and
> > return to the installation. BTW, if you don't do "Configure the Base
> > System", the boot up is very strange.
> You should install the base system using the rescue floppy. Simple
> untarring as described above is not planned to work.
Well, I was installing from an old 1.1.13 CD. I built a boot and root disk
and put everything else on the dos partition. When it came to "Install
Base System" I switched to an alternate VC, copied the base1_1.tgz file to
/target, unpacked it and returned to the VC with the installer. There, I
chose "Configure Base System" and proceeded as usual. Everything worked
just fine.
My next step is to try upgrading this 1.1 system to a 1.3 and see how it

Thanks for the pointers,

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