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New `package browser' version

 I'm working in the `2.0' release of this thing.

Things done:
 * Convert descriptions' item lists into HTML's unordered lists. This
makes lists look great in both Lynx and Netscape!. 
 * Insert line breaks when desription line start with ' '.
 * Better handling of Package.gz files.
 * Rearranged the code.
 * Skip sections if no packages found.

 * Only modify package.html if the info was updated. This would be great
for mirrors. It will maintain a md5sum file in each directory; create
every html in a tmp location; and then
       md5sum_new==md5sum_stored ? unlink(tmp) : rename (tmp,final).
 * Link to source packages. It will fail with old source format
packages =/ (very few, I hope).
 * Show .deb size (would need to stat every .deb).
 * Show installed size.

 The new features in the handling of desriptions depend on the standard
format for descriptions found in the current policy documents. I've
reported some bugs against packages that doesn't follow the policy.

 Please send me any suggestion for this...!

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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