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Packages available

I am getting quite busy lately with work in my field of study with
conference speaking engagements, work on my dissertation and a move to a
like to put all packages I maintain up for adoption (except those I have
written myself - verse, suidmanager and debmake). Will try to keep the
packages I have written up to date. I might also put those up if time
constraints get worse and I see the packages suffering. 

Note that I am having trouble tracking all the packages that I have released
into Debian (over 100) since last summer. Various people have at one time or
another said they will take over one or the other packages but a few have
not been uploaded with a changed maintainer address. The uploads might be
pending or the packages might have been abandoned. I will scan the
distibution in a few weeks and put all packages that still list me as a
maintainer up for adoption too.

If I accidentally forgot that someone has already taken one of the following
packages then please step forward:

bridge		Bridging Tools for Kernel 2.0.X.

bridgex		Bridging Tools for Kernel 2.1.X.

defrag		Defragmentation tools.

ircd		IRC Server

ibcs		Execute a variety of binaries for other Unixes

adbbs		A BBS in Perl. Needs a better setup of pre-customized files

chos		Boot Loader with a Menu

ncompress	The original compress

genromfs	New Read Only File System.

ncsa		The Classic Webserver

pash 		Norton Commander like tool.

newsx		News Exchange (like suck)
upsd		UPS Power Monitor

poppassd	Password change for POP Servers

netdiag		Network diagnostic tool collection
poppassd	Remote password change for Eudora etc.
syslinux	Boot Loader used by Debian Bootdisks

freefont	Font Collection for X
sharefont	Font Collection for X

transproxy	Transparent HTTP proxying
xskat		German Skat Game
berolist	Easy List Server

automount	Automatically mount Floppies and CD-Roms on insertion

loadlin		Boot Loader for Linux from DOS

ppp		PPP Daemon (2.2.0f and 2.3b3 need an expert)

ren		Rename Files

plan		Daily Planner (using Lesstif) in experimental needing much work.

isite		Complex Search Engine for Databases (Supports wide variety
		of formats a.o. MARC)

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