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Re: kernel-source package have serious bugs

Kevin Dalley wrote:
> 2.  kernel-source-2.0.30 does have these bugs fixed, both 2.0.27 and
> 2.0.29 are buggy.  Herbert Xu incorrectly closed the bug against
> 2.0.27.  Having a bug fixed in one set of source code does not fix the
> bug in all sets of source code.  As long as 27 and 29 are distributed,
> they should have the bugs fixed.  If these two distributions are truly
> obsolete, then they should be removed from the distribution.  I
> believe that they are not obsolete.  Different version of the kernel
> source have different sets of bugs reported against different drivers.
> I believe that 2.0.27 is a well-respected set of source code, though I
> admit that I have trouble remembering which source code has which
> problems.

Firstly I never said 2.0.29 is obsolete.  In fact, this has been fixed in
2.0.29-5 which is still in the Incoming directory on master (it's been there
for weeks).  And secondly as far as I am concerned there is no point in keeping
2.0.27 in bo since there has been no reported bugs introduced in the latter
versions that are serious enough to require the presense of 2.0.27 in bo.

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