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Various bugs fixed in Debian PGP packages

The new versions of the PGP packages, available now at
<URL:http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/> and soon (I hope) at
the non-us ftp mirror sites, fix a number of bugs, which
I now close:

	5553 (allow multiple languages, when language files are
		in /usr/doc/pgp)
	7060/8201 (pgp-us had same description as pgp-i)
	6911 (manual page wasn't compressed)
	7308 (big-endian systems; I can't test this fix, but it should work)
	7171 (pgp -kg doesn't create ~/.pgp; added note to manual page)
	7702 (text files may have more than 132 characters in a line)

If anything seems amiss, please notify me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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