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MuPAD, afbackup, amanda und SAL

Hi !

I want to work on a couple of things and want to make sure I'm not
duplicating somebody else's work.

* MuPAD, symbolic mathematics environment a la Mathematica
* amanda the University of Maryland's free network backup system,
powerful network backup
* afbackup another client-server backup system

* I want to check the debian package information of the SAL webpage
and send them an update email:
>SAL's (Scientific Applications on Linux) web page is a collection of
>information and links of software (from public domain to commercial and
>anything in between) that scientists and engineers will be interested in.
>SAL is copyrighted by Dr. Herng-Jeng Jou and Kachina Technologies, Inc. and
>it can be freely redistributed under GPL version 2 or later, otherwise
>stated by their respective owners. We recommend not to redistribute it until
>the beta testing is done.
>SAL especially welcomes the following information:
>+ Debian and/or RedHat binary packages information?

Please write me an email if you are working on some of this stuff !

Enough for today ;-I


Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

What's the railroad to me ?
I never go to see
Where it ends.
It fills a few hollows,
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It sets the sand a-blowing,
And the blackberries a-growing.
                      (Henry David Thoreau)

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