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FW: xautolock copyright problem

Here's what the xautolock author says. What shall I do?

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>From:	Michel Eyckmans [SMTP:eyckmans@imec.be]
>Sent:	Monday, April 14, 1997 3:00 PM
>To:	Michael Meskes
>Cc:	detroch@imec.be
>Subject:	Re: xautolock copyright problem  
> > 2) Does your copyright prevent us from distributing it on a CD (together
> > with the complete Debian Linux distribution) if this CD is sold for money?
> > Or does your copyright just mean we may not make money for xautolock
> Assuming you provide full source code and especially assuming that
> the price of the CD remains "reasonable" (which it more or less has
> to be if it's a Linux CD :-), I see no problem. In fact, it has been
> done before.
>> Would you consider changing your copyright notice so we're able to
>> include xautolock into out main distribution?
>Very unfortunately, changing the copyright notice in the direction 
>of the GNU copyleft is impossible.
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