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YADES: Yet Another Dpkg Enhancement Suggestion: pruning

I've been following the threads about dpkg's various suggested 
enhancements _and_ about the nightmare on installing debian on 
several machines.

What about a configuration file for dpkg which would allow unpacking 
with pruning ?

Let me explain, a file /etc/dpkg.prune could contain a list a 
directories not to extract into !

Rationale: If one wants to have a NFS mounted /usr, he should be able 
to install the full packages on the NFS server, and install the same 
packages on the NFS client machines, but with pruning anything under 
/usr. The packages would still install the needed file in /var, 
/etc,... but nothing under /usr.
This would be a killer feature for network installs, and must be 
straightforward to implement !

Comments ?


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