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Re: names and addresses for maintainers

On Sun, 06 Apr 1997 16:34:43 PDT Jim Pick (jim@jimpick.com) wrote:

> > I propose that ALL maintainers be forced to use their debian.org
> > e-mail address for all entries in Debian material, e.g. package
> > files and documentation.
> >
> > Any packages submitted that don't comply will be automatically rejected.
> > Anyone see any problems this will cause that are worse than the
> > current situation?
> Sounds like a single point of failure to me.
> I prefer the current situation - I have complete control over my current
> e-mail address.  Besides, people know me by my e-mail address - who is
> this jim@debian.org guy anyways?

Completely agreed.
Uploading packages with the right address isn't such a big task.


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