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Re: RFC: Package build automation tools (debmake replacement?)

>  The Author has not been enchartered by anyone for this task, and would
>  gladly step down in favor of anyone willing to take over this task.

At this point I would suggest keeping on doing it. Given the effort you
already put into it you better push this through to the end.

>  Finally, here is the current requirements list, in no particular order
>  (I have tried to order it partially from the general to the specific)
>  1. Make it easier to make a package from scratch

I would suggest changing this to:

   1. Enable a novice maintainer to build his first debian package
      with the least effort possible and allow a gradual development
      of new maintainers about debian packaging procedures.

Debian is a volunteer project and we are heavily depending on energizing
new people to contribute to the project. 

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