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Re: Perhaps someone can help me

Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
>  On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Peter Iannarelli wrote:
>  > I'm looking for the pgp encryption facility.
>  *--------------------------------------------------------------------
>  On the Debian mirrors, there is a file named README.non-US saying:
>  To prevent anyone from taking unnecessary legal risks, some Debian
>  GNU/Linux packages are only available from a non-US site:

>  Maybe we should make a symlink README.pgp -> README.non-US
>  to avoid confusion :-)

I think this should be explained in the package description too.  I
wasted a lot of time looking for ssh before finally discovering it at
a non-US site.  I see that the new (to me) available file finally
shows ssh, and suggests going outside the US for it.  However, it
should also quote a URL.

                           - Jim Van Zandt

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