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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

> I'm sorry but I must heartily disagree.  Check out the elvis package
> which has no trouble doing multiple Conflicts/Replaces:
> Conflicts: elvisnox, elvisx11
> Provides: elviscmn
> Replaces: elvisnox, elvisx11, elv-vi

Sorry, Chris, you really are mistaken.

Witness dpkg bug 4947, filed by you (!), to which Ian replied, "Re the
problem with Elvis.  Unfortunately dpkg can only handle removing one
package at the same time as installing one."

elvis is, in fact, using a gross hack which I suggested to Erik, which
coupled with the above works.  I would NOT recommend using the same
trick for tetex.

The upgrade to tetex is really not so terrible.  It can still be done
within dselect as long as you do [R]emove before [I]nstall.

Incidentally, the old tex packages should be Purged, not just Removed.
tetex-base preinst should check for this by doing dpkg -s on all
relevent old tex packages:

set -e

function isitgone {
    s=`dpkg -s $1 | sed -ne '/^Status: /s///p`
    [ -z "$s" -o "$s" = "purge ok not-installed" ]

isitgone latex
isitgone tex
isitgone texmf

A nice explanation should be added of course.


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