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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

Hi all,

I'm just back from my one week holiday and managed to read the whole
thread about the tex upgrade.

I use your posting to give some general remarks on the discussion:

Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

> We can do better.  If tetex has the "right" Conflicts, Replaces, and
> Provides lines, dpkg can automagically replace (most) of the old tex
> packages.  The exception: dpkg doesn't handle recursive replaces.

This is definitely wrong. I played around with different combinations
of Conflicts and Replaces. You can't solve the problem by reodering
the lines as you suggested. dpkg is just not able to replace more than
one old package with one new package. You don't have to have recursive
replaces here to get the problems. The only solution here would be to
have dummy packages for all old tex packages to replace and remove the
old files.

Again: You have no chance to replace 25 old packages with five new
packages using dpkg/dselect. You can make dselect to mark the obsolete
files for removing, then [R]emove, then [I]nstall. (as Guy Maor

>I installed them last week, btw, and am happy.  It was pretty easy.  I
>used dselect, but did [R]emove before [I]nstall.

An other suggestion was to only use Conflicts but no Replaces. But
this would only allow dpkg to overwrite old files with the new
ones. It would leave a lot of old files in your tree. You don't want

I'll try to put some code in the preinst scripts to detect old tex
packages, give a message as suggested and fail. I also try to build a
script which remove all old tex packages.

Now for the Provides. There a some and I'll add some more to satisfy
the dependencies. But, at least binary packages (e.g. Lyx) need to be
reworked and relinked with tetex-dev to work with tetex. In this steep
it is quite easy to change the dependencies to tetex.


Christoph Martin, Uni-Mainz, Germany
 Internet-Mail:  Christoph.Martin@Uni-Mainz.DE

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