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Re: Where's the "mfdcfnt" package?

>>>>> "Guy" == Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu> writes:

    Guy> bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:
    >> A user reported to me that the "mfdcfnt" package, formerly in non-free, is
    >> no longer present. I looked on master.debian.org, and that's right, it's
    >> not there. Can someone tell us what replaces it and where to find it?

    Guy> tetex-base.

I created mfdcfnt a long (half year) while ago because of copyright issues.
Somehow the upload I did that time failed because of bad checksum.  I uploaded
dpkg a that time to adapt to the new source format, but I can't build pkgs
ever since becuase of some stupid WIF_SIGNALED or so.  A while later I switched
jobs and now I don't have so much time to do debian work, however the problem
with not being able to build packages was never solved, but it seems to be
a very local issue on my system only, but I can't trace it.

Because of the above I gave away all my packages for adoption, some where adopted
some weren't.  I don't know wheter tetex-base is in non-free, otherwise it may
NOT come with the dc fonts because of copyright issues.  I stronlgly suggest 
that this is solved and that the mfdcfnt package is revived. Unfortunately 
I still can't create such a package.


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