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Re: Xv 3.10a-11 (i386) uploaded to master

> <sigh> Why? This has to be one of the most annoying things about most of
> the packages using mime-support.

Indeed.  There's been some discussion of this in the context of some
of the bug reports I've filed, namely that this way isn't right either
because if the string used changes, the command lines end up
accumulating in /etc/mailcap.  [Frankly, I find the behaviour annoying
enough anyway that I'd put up with that :-) Disk space for one small
file is a lot cheaper than my frustration from answering the same
question again and again and again and again...]

There were some ideas for adding "memory" to the process; I just
noticed that install-mime is a fairly clear perl script so I might
just try implementing some of them.  (For example, having a
/var/lib/mime where relative priorites are cached... or maybe even an
init.d style directory which is used for the real work and converted
into a mailcap :-)

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