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Packaging sublist? (Was: Re: dpkg/dselect development)

dwarf@polaris.net (Dale Scheetz)  wrote on 07.03.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.95.970307152445.2687D-100000@dwarf.polaris.net>:

[ dpkg discussion - snipped ]

> I dislike the idea of holding development discussions on debian-private.
> It seems to go counter to our professed "open development" model.
> This is not "dirty laundry" that we don't want aired in public, this is
> design work and should be done in public.

I notice that our packaging system has more and more posts lately.

After the current dust around the list management settles down, we might  
want to do a new sublist, debian-devel-packaging, to deal with stuff like  
dpkg, dpkg-dev, debmake, and so on.

Posted to both -private and -devel; I suggest we continue on -devel.

MfG Kai

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