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Re: wtmp locking problem (was: Re: SOLVED: Erk! Something is *really* wrong here!)

On 6 Mar 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> > the more i think of it, the more it seems that there's a conflict
> > between "Set A" and "Set B" login-related programs.
> That's silly. All programs that modify the same data have to agree on
> a locking strategy.

yes, of course it's silly.  What i posted was a description of the
problem, not a prescription for HowThingsShouldBe<tm>

There should not BE any conflict between Set A or Set B. They should all
work together flawlessly regardless of whether they use login or update
wtmp directly. 

However, that has not been the case since login was changed to lock the
wrong file.  the login package broke the existing locking strategy,
therefore login must be fixed ASAP. 


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