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Re: Port of dpkg to NEXTSTEP

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:

> As I said, I have dpkg up'n'working for NEXTSTEP. But: How does a foreign  
> operating system fit into deb's format ?

	Very good question... Don't think it has even been discussed here 

> a) First of all, I'd like to have a way to distinguish Linux i386 deb  
> packages from NEXTSTEP i386 deb packages, but I don't see yet an operating  
> system field in deb.

The problem is that dpkg was initialy planned (and still is) only used by
Debian GNU/Linux, so we had no need to add a 'System:'. Although I agree  
it could be nice to add this field. Not only it will help you for
Nextstep, but will allow dpkg to be used with HURD and any other system.
As a workaround with the current version you should try to define the
architectures 'next-m68k', 'next-i386', ...

> b) Adding to that, it would be fine if there was a better granularity in  
> specifying the included architectures, somewhat in between i386 and all, i.e.  
> a way to specify that the package includes file that work on exactly the  
> {m68k,i386} architectures (but no sparc, hppa).

This already works I think. Try a space separated list of architectures 
in the control file:
Architecture: m68k i386

> c) Finally, it would be fine if the NEXTSTEP version of the dpkg tools would  
> support "stripping" uneccessary archs at installation time. [Since no other OS  
> (MacOS?) seems to handle MAB as transparent as NEXTSTEP does, this is  
> certainly a very specific feature that needn't be discussed here.]

	Have the next-dpkg examine the binary executables contained in the 
package while installing them and trip them if necessary?


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