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Re: SysV init scripts

Fernando <alegre@saturn.superlink.net> writes:
> As a proof of concept I quickly wrote a tiny C program to go through
> the /etc/rc?.d and /etc/init.d directories and output a list with one line
> for each file in /etc/init.d with the format:
> script {level}{S/K}{order} ...
> where level is the run-level of the link, S/K is the type of link (start or
> kill) and order is the number after the S or K. As an example, the entry
> for xdm in my system looks as follows:
> xdm 0K01 1K01 2S99 3S99 4S99 5S99 6K01

This is a nice little format for querying the current state of one's

> This program also does the opposite, i.e., it takes input in that form from
> a file and re-arranges the symlinks in /etc/rc?.d accordingly. Since it is 
> written in C, it does it real fast.
> One could keep a file with the local symlink policy and run it after upgrading
> packages messing with the symlinks to re-enforce it. The program only touches
> the files explicitely listed. All other symlinks are left intact. The program
> does, however, warn upon finding dangling symlinks, entries which are not
> symlinks in an rc?.d directory or symlinks pointing to places other than
> ../init.d/whatever.

Quoting from the manual page for update-rc.d(8)...

       If  any  links /etc/rcrunlevel.d/??name already exist then
       update-rc.d does nothing.  This  is  so  that  the  system
       administrator  can rearrange the links, provided that they
       leave at least one link remaining,  without  having  their
       configuration overwritten.

And further on...

       When invoked with the remove option,  update-rc.d  removes
       any  links  in  the  /etc/rcrunlevel.d  directories to the
       script  /etc/init.d/name.   The  script  must  have   been
       deleted already - update-rc.d checks for this.

So, I think this second part of your tool is already handled.

> If you think it would be useful let me know and I will send it to the list.

I'd like to see the reporting bit.

Best wishes,


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