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System Administrator opening at Transmeta

Transmeta Corporation, a technology company based in Santa Clara CA,
is hiring for the following position:

System Administrator (Solaris/Linux/Win95)

    Applicant will be responsible for Unix system administration
    requirements as needed. (Includes back-up, desktop support,
    Network support, database administration, set up and
    installation of new equipment).  Position requires Linux and/or
    Solaris in-depth knowledge, Windows 95 and NT is desirable.

    Networking experience must include TCP/IP and Ethernet.  FDDI,
    large network, and ISDN experience are all a plus.

    Ability to program in C, Perl, and shell scripting.   SQL
    experience is a plus.

    Extensive knowledge of IBM PC and Sun hardware.

Transmeta is also accepting resumes from hardware and software

For further information or consideration please contact:

    Scott Simmons
    3940 Freedom Circle,
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    ph. (408) 327 - 9830 ext 303
    fax (408) 327 - 9840

Daniel Quinlan (at work)        Linux, our last best hope for Unix
quinlan@transmeta.com           http://www.pathname.com/~quinlan/

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