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Re: Nickname of next release

From: Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu>
> Perhaps Pixar will come out with new movies to provide us with more
> names.

There are a lot more names for bit characters in Toy Story, including
one character who is mentioned and never seen (I'm not telling).

You could get a copy of "Tiny Toy Stories" in the video store and get
names out of our 4 old movies, but except for Bobby McFerrin's rap on
"Knick-Knack" there's no dialogue in any of them. The Tin-Toy character's
name actually is "Tinny" :-). There's Luxo Jr. (Luxo is a trademark of Jac
Jacobsen Industrie). There's "Andre" and "Wally B". I don't remember if the
Knick-Knack characters had names.

Or we could start naming for heroes of the free software movement and
have a "Torvalds" release, and then there'd be people who lobby for a
"Stallman" release, etc. Sounds too political.

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