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Re: What I found with initial installs

On Mar 5, Chris Fearnley wrote
> 'csmall@gonzo.triode.net.au wrote:'
> >So we got that going, then another nasty.  We wanted perl, which means you
> >delete perl-base as they conflict, we also wanted ldso for some dependancies
> >(which provides libdl).  But perl predepends libdl and you can get in an
> >awful bind as almost everything wants perl.  The solution here was to leave
> >everything in hold, get ldso and install and then run dselect again.
> This is fixed in ldso_1.8.10-2.deb.

No, this doesn't fix anything, yet.  The change in ldso just makes it
possible to work around the bug in dpkg/dselect.  All of the packages
which depend on libdl1 still need to be rebuilt so dpkg-shlibdeps will
make them depend on ldso instead.

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