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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

'Brian C. White wrote:'
>> If the consensus is to put tetex in 1.3, then we need to solve the
>> problems.
>It sounds to me like almost all of the problems are in the packaging
>and not bugs in the code itself.  Am I correct on this?

I don't know.  I don't dare install something as buggy as the current

Moreover, we don't know how many people have braved the install
problems to test the underlying package.  I fear the underlying
packaging is relatively untested (it certainly wasn't sufficiently
tested by the maintainers).

>If that is the case, do people feel that this packaging could be
>fixed within the month while bo is frozen?

There is no way to answer this at this point in time.  It could take a
week or three months.  How can anyone predict?  FWIW, If I were the
maintainer it would take more than one month because I don't have that
much spare time.  Hopefully our tetex maintainers are unemployed ...

I strongly feel that the current package is totally unacceptable for a
stable release. ...

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