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source packages and upstream source

> It seems to me that when a usable upstream source .tar.gz file is
> available, we lose trace-ability by repacking that file instead of
> distributing the original. We don't seem to gain anything. This is
> probably reason for a change in the procedure manual. Comments?

I agree with Bruce.  However, it's not just a procedural change (and
the fact that dpkg-source likes it is perhaps an accident !).

Requiring the original source to be repacked was a mistake I made in
the design of dpkg-source.  It's fixable, but it needs to be fixed

dpkg-source can be changed so that it doesn't mind what directory the
upstream .tar.gz unpacks into, but I think it will still have to
require that it unpacks into _some_ subdirectory.

The upstream source tarfile itself should still be renamed to
*.orig.tar.gz, but of course that won't affect its checksum.


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