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Re: XEmacs, Emacs and elisp

On 27 Feb 1997 14:22:35 +0100 Milan Zamazal (pdm@fi.muni.cz) wrote:

> >>>>> "PT" == Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:
>     PT: /usr/lib/emacs/<version>/lisp GNU Emacs specific elisp
>     PT: /usr/lib/xemacs/<version>/lisp XEmacs specific elisp
>     PT: /usr/lib/emacsen/<version>/lisp Common elisp
>     PT: /usr/lib/emacs/<version>/site-lisp Packages-added GNU emacs elisp
>     PT: /usr/lib/xemacs/<version>/site-lisp Packages-added XEmacs elisp
>     PT: /usr/lib/emacsen/<version>/site-lisp Packages-added common elisp
>     [...]
>     PT: The paths mentionned above might be changes obviously.
> I think site-lisp directories shoudn't contain <version>, because:
> - It is not possible to have installed two versions of one *Emacs
>   package, so directory assignment is unique even without version
>   number.
> - After *Emacs upgrade all elisp packages had to be repackaged and
>   users had to reinstall them only because correction of version
>   number.

Perfectly right. Site-lisp directories don't need version number. Cut and paste is to blame here :-)


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