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Re: porting machines

> An Amiga contributed by Robert Binz arrived today. I'm going to put
> it on the net so that maintainers can compile packages on it, and I
> might work on the install disks if nobody else is doing that for
> Amiga.

Some beta install disks for Atari already exist. For Amiga, Frank
Neumann (AFAIK) wanted to do something in this direction. Better ask
on debian-68k first, before doing work twice :-)

> Mac II: needs a keyboard and monitor to be useful. There's still no
> Linux kernel for these, right?

Righ. And I think there won't be any Linux for 68k Macs in reasonable
time :-( In the past, many people started to port it, but all failed due
to lack of proper infos on the hardware.


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