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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> wrote:

> Things that I consider to be important but have not had time to check:
> * Boot floppies should be able to recognize MS-DOS partitions.

If you are interested in testing experimental support for msdos
partitions please take a look at ftp://pootle.magd.am.ac.uk/ . Note
that this stuff's purpose is primarly to allow the installation of
Debian _onto_ DOS partitions using a pseudo root. A lot of the code
for installing _from_ msdos partitions is now in the current unstable

I have gzipped patches against the latest boot-floppies for the
interested (26K) and Debian install files ready to be stuck in DOS
partition and installed (9M). I would really appreciate a couple of
beta testers at this point so that I can see how well things work for
other people. There are some known problems, see the READMEs and the
PROBLEMS file. Thanks in advance if you give a try.

Giuliano Procida.

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