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Caldera/LST modifying the GPL

I was looking over other Linux distributions to see what installation tools
they have, and if any would be useful to Debian. LST/Caldera have something
called "LISA", which does various system admin tasks. They also have a
ground-up rewrite of dialog. At the very least I'd like to try the dialog
rewrite, and LISA might be interesting.

Both programs have a license that looks like this:

	PROGRAM may be distributed under the GNU General Public Licence
	subject to the following conditions:
	The copyright notice above must be preserved in all copies or
	derivate work.
	Distribution on a commercial basis must be approved by the
	authors in writing. Do not hesitate to contact us. Normally
	we allow distribution as long as you respect some rules that
	shall support Free Software Projects and protect us as authors.
	Any changes or derivate work of PROGRAM
	must be approved by the authors in writing before distribution.
	This means that you may do what you like with it but you have to
	contact us, if you want to distribute your changed version.
	Please provide a ChangeLog file and a pointer how to reach you for
	questions concerning those changes. Our intention is to be able
	to keep track of the different versions that may exist as most
	of the questions will be directed to us.

It's my understanding that FSF's license for others to make use of the
GPL doesn't allow provisions to be added to it, so I should probably
nudge Caldera and LST about that.

Since Caldera (at least their head of engineering) has suggested that
there be "some kind of cross-polination" between them and Debian, and
both Caldera and LST contain GPL-ed stuff written by myself and other
Debian folks, they'd probably be receptive to diplomatic overtures on
my part to put some programs under the straight GPL.


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