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New fvwm95 changing resource file names

Dear All,

I'm packaging up fvwm95-2.0.43 which fixes a few of the bugs with the
previous version.

However, its resource file names have changed from .fvwm2rc95 to
.fvwm95rc.  I was wondering if the rest of the developers have
particularly strong ideas on how I should handle this.

Users' own resource files will also break due to the modules now being
stored in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fvwm95 instead of

On a similar vein, how much should I change the system.fvwm95rc file?
I personally found the last one distasteful.  I know this is
subjective, but the default window manager configuration shouldn't
really go about running clocks, system monitors, and the like.  And it
was annoying that the 'xterm' button relied on rxvt, which I didn't

I plan on making the default present a clear screen, apart from the
taskbar with 'Start Menu', built with the standard Debian menu.

Any objections or strong opinions?

Best wishes,


PS.  Can I use the bug tracking system to request a 'digest' of all
the bug reports (and followups) for a package to be emailed to me?

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