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Re: Source dependencies

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> The syntax would be
>  Source-Depends: <dependency-specs as in ordinary dependency field>
> in the .dsc file (NOT in the .deb control file).
> As for an ordinary dependency, Essential packages should not be
> listed.  Convention ought to be that only the compiler and not the
> libc ought to be listed, so that dependencies on libc versions are not
> hardwired unless they're really true.
> Opinions ?

Dunno if it's important to list the compiler when it's gcc, because 90% of
the packages need it; unless a specific version of gcc is needed of course.
However, this will probably be very usefull for "unsual compilers" (like
"sgml2txt", "f2c", ...) (doc-debian won't build without sgml2txt:
(Source-Depends: linuxdoc-sgml), and scilab won't build without f2c:
(Source-Depends: f2c))

	Since we're on the .dsc format, could we also add the field

 This would be very usefull to track the package releases 
and find which packages are orphaned. (There's no way currently no 
know when a source archive has been built, and a package which has not 
been released for more than 6 months is potentialy orphaned.)

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