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Interim release of adduser

Good morning folks,

  as adduser is still not aware of shadow passwords and even worse may
  loop indefinitively if shadow passwords are installed I have stepped
  forward and published a dirty hack which was ugly but did its job.

  As the maintainer (Guy Maor) seems to be too busy to update the
  package I again have stepped forward and patched adduser to work
  properly with shadow passwords.  (This shall not be critizism, I know
  that some ppl sometimes are to busy to do the job they should, I'm
  such a person, too.  It's just a friendly help and one of my
  contributions to Debian to get a high quality and stable release.)
  I have worked on some other locations within this package and put
  together version 2.14.

  If no one objects (especially not Guy or Bruce) I will throw the
  package in my upload queue on 6pm local time (the time is now 11am)
  which will be uploaded at 2am local time if I'm not mistaken.

  Until this time the package can be found in
  /pub/people/joey/debian/beta on the following servers:

    ftp.orgatech.de      (good transfer rates from .com/.edu)

Best regards,

  / Martin Schulze  *  joey@infodrom.north.de  *  26129 Oldenburg /
 / =?iso-8859-1?q?kristian_k=f6hntopp@cyberbox.north.de          /
/        verursacht durch kaputte Gatesoftware auf der CyberBox /

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