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requirements for new dselect

Any replacement for dselect should, if it has an ftp or http method, be
firewall-friendly.  This could be as simple as places in the
configuration for proxy address, port, login, and password.

There should be a way to make a list of packages to be installed and feed
it to the program.  For instance whenever I setup a machine, I invariably
want apache, pico, and pine, and I never want CERN httpd, emacs and elm.
Instead of having to select and deselct packages each time, I'd keep my
list and copy it to each new machine which would only install the
packages I want.  Some lists could come bundled with the tool.  "Lean"
would include only the packages with priority "Required".  "Standard-nox"
would be all the ones with priority "Standard" which didn't need X and
"Standard-withx" would include the ones which did use X.  Or somehing like

-- Jaldhar 

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