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Re: Dselect/dpkg feature request

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.970222204502.21656G-100000@itd> you write:
>On a related note, maybe we can change the package structure a little, so 
>we can include a comment in the control file, and why a package is 
>reccomended or suggested.  It probably isn't neccesary for Depends, b/c 
>dpkg won't allow the package to install, but for choices where the users 
>has to make a decisions seeing a comment would help, instead of just 
>xanim suggests mime-support.
>My package would say.
>xanim suggests mime-support.
>By installing mime-support along with xanim, you will allow xanim to 
>automatiaclly register itself to your system.  This will allow the 
>automatic playing of multimedia files you download from the internet and 
>Well, what do people think.

That would be _seriously_ useful, yes. It would also solve a lot of
aggravation caused by people not heeding Recommends and then complaining
their system doesn't work properly. How difficult would this be to add?

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