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Re: Improvements to dselect

nick@feedback.com.ar writes:
    I think that there are some improvements that can make a lot of
   difference in the usability of dselect, making it more intuitive.

    Using keys more like DOS/Windows... 

...or Motif.  YES.

   like this:

    We have a `focus' in the main window, that can be in the upper or in the
   lower section. TAB changes this focus. When in the upper section, up/down
   arrows scroll the package list, as now, in the lower they scroll the
   description. Left/right keys in the lower sections cycle through the
   information displayed ('i').

No, I think left/right should scroll left or right.

pgup/pgdn should scroll vertically by the height of the window (minus
one line).  The information for the lower window should all appear
to be a single block of text, so that pgdn will eventually show it.

    The help screen should not be shown when entering dselect, it should be
   posible to quit help with ESC. 


    Pressing enter in dselect should have the same efect as pressing space.
   We quit form the selecion screen with ESC or q, and dselect would ask if
   the user want to apply changes.
    What do you think?

Sounds great!

                         - Jim Van Zandt

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