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Re: Boot floppies in Spanish

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> > One disk per language? Or... one menu at the begining? (the former is
> > much easier.. =3D) )
> The space limitations are so great that one disk per language would be
> better.
> Are you isolating the strings into a table? You should do so, and make
> that work with the current English strings first. Please send patches
> to Dale.
> I'd suggest you source the table into dinstall as an "ash" script, and
> use named variables for each of the strings, for example:
> 	S_mbr_1="A master boot record is required to boot the system
> 	    ...

 I started by simply translating disntall. Then I thought of using
gettext, and now I'm thinking like you =).
 The variable definitions can be put in another script, and..
. dinstall.$LANG
 That way it should be possible to include more than one language in a
boot disk. It will also be posible to include all languages in a 0
boot-disks based install (loadlin).

> Watch out - I expand shell variables in a number of the strings and you
> will need to break the strings up around those expansions.

 Could I use printf?

newton:~$ printf "Hi, %s!!\n" nick
Hi, nick!!
newton:~$ ls -l `which printf`
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        23812 Jan 27 17:17 /usr/bin/printf*
newton:~$ _

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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