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Re: RFC: A method to use Admin tools, like linuxconf

In your email to me, Shaya Potter, you wrote:
> Linuxconf is mainly a config tool.  You can use it with plain SysV init, 
> but it is much nicer to use it with its own starting mechanism.  What I 
> am trying to say is that we should allow the user to choose whatever 
> "backend" they want, backend being an "activator"

Just a point.. a config tool should be *only* a config tool. Right now
my 'config tool' is vi or emacs. They better *not* be starting and stopping
any system programs for me.. SysV init is a standard. I *like* it on
Debian. The BSD style rc.local stuff really rots. Let's let the init
do it's job, and the config tool do it's own.


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